Hall of Sponsors Scholarships


The Hall of Sponsors Scholarships are Central’s most prestigious endowed awards. Establishing an endowed scholarship is one way you can ensure a lasting legacy and permanent scholarship support for deserving students.

Hall of Sponsors Scholarships, endowed with a minimum of $30,000, provide students with annual awards ranging from $1,200 all the way to full-tuition, room and board. Scholarship categories include:

  • Traditional Hall of Sponsors Scholarship: $30,000
  • Presidential Hall of Sponsors Scholarship: $75,000
  • Trustee Hall of Sponsors Scholarship: $175,000 and above

Scholarships can be built through an outright gift or funded over time through gifts from one individual or many individuals, through estate planning, or a combination of these methods. You, and your loved ones, have the opportunity to increase the amount of a scholarship endowment at any time.

As you consider the amount of support you would like to annually provide to a student, or students, the Advancement and Alumni Relations Staff will be glad to assist you in creating a gift agreement structured to reflect your wishes. Scholarships can be directed to a specific geographic region, degree path, or other characteristics.

Once funded, a portrait of the honored person(s) is displayed and is accompanied by a photograph of the current scholar receiving the award.

Scholarships attract students to Central Methodist University and enable talented young people to benefit from the unique educational experiences provided by Central. We are committed to serving promising students and helping to meet their financial needs through scholarships and institutional aid.

Establishing a Hall of Sponsors Scholarship helps us achieve our mission to prepare students to “...to become lifelong learners, committed to academic excellence, prepared to engage in a complex world.